Sunday, June 24, 2012

FREE Detroit - NO Consent: New Detroit Corporate Empire

Today we bring your attention to the larger problem being faced by City of Detroit residents and visitors. The emerging New Detroit Corporate Empire. Please subscribe to the posts from Free Detroit No Consent, there are critical actions happening in the next week that we need as many people attending as possible.

FREE Detroit - NO Consent: New Detroit Corporate Empire

The threat that Mayor Bing is going to carry out would wipe out 80% of union contracts in the city on July 1st. Detroit's labor movement has fought for worker rights for over a century.
  • June 26 - Protest Governor Snyder's visit to Detroit at 9:30am
  • June 27 - Come early to the Free Detroit Rally 5pm in Hart Plaza at the Labor Monument. Discussion will come to an end at 6:15pm bringing everyone across the street ...
    At 7pm Mayor Bing's Community Meeting begins across the street in the Erma Henderson Auditorium.
  • June 28 - Protest at the Court of Appeals at the Cadillac Building in New Center if the Repeal of Public Act 4 has not yet been placed on the Nov 6 ballot by the Board of Canvassers
More actions are coming up, more news and details in the posts on the Free Detroit website.

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