Sunday, January 13, 2013

Final week for FTA Transit Asset Management dialog

National Online Dialogue on Transit Asset Management

One of the new requirements in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) is that of Transit Asset Management (TAM). The purpose of this National Online Dialogue on TAM (December 12, 2012 to January 18, 2013) is to provide the Federal Transit Administration’s partners and stakeholders the opportunity to discuss and provide suggestions on some of the key questions surrounding TAM (standard practices in the industry, framing definitions, etc.) including:

  • How should FTA define State of Good Repair?
  • What elements should be included in a Transit Asset Management Plan?
  • How will I know my Transit Asset Management Plan meets FTA requirements?
  • What triggers when I have to revise my Transit Asset Management Plan?
  • Should FTA tailor Transit Asset Management Plan requirements to accommodate different sized transit systems to avoid the “one size fits all” approach?
  • What kinds of technical assistance should FTA offer to aid transit agencies in meeting these requirements?
  • How should the requirement for state of good repair performance measures be implemented and integrated with the new MAP-21 performance-based planning process?
  • Other topics you believe should be considered as we prepare the TAM rulemaking.
Comments will also be taken when the rulemaking is published in the Federal Register.

You can download the informational National Online Dialogue flyer here (link to more detailed flyer or promotional webpage).

Background Material
In response to the establishment of MAP-21, FTA put together a wealth of material on its website,, to help clarify new or changing programs. A list of frequently asked questions can be found there as well as past MAP-21 webinars, outreach opportunities, summaries, powerpoints and fact sheets. The program fact sheets for TAM and for Metropolitan & Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning in particular will be a useful resource to review in advance of participating in the online dialogue.

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