Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#A4Detroit - Vigil Tonight at Rosa Parks Transit Center

The day was August 25, 2009. DDOT held a series of public hearings and those who attended at Rosa Parks Transit Center were clearly outraged by the changes that were taking place. Threatened was weekend and night service, timing between buses was extending and several lines were being shut-down. The video playlist offered detailed accounts from riders, government officials, and business representatives. These are the real undiluted truths of what the public’s fears were and how they would be impacted.

The Rosa Parks Transit Center was opened a little more than a month earlier on July 13, 2009. 
Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB), the primary contractor providing architectural and management assistance to DDOT still remains in place. PB budgeted $18.3 million for building the Rosa Parks Transit Center. However it ended up costing $22.5 million through federal and state grants. This three story structure has a public holding space at the base with the transit police desk, an information desk, and cashier desk. The upper two floors are a mystery to the public.

Under the advise of PB a newly formed company (May 2011) by the name Envisurage, headed by Mark Aesch (CEO) was enlisted to provide a five person senior management team for 11 months. More information about this team will be provided in a subsequent post.
Rather than use the Rosa Parks Transit Center in 2012 for public hearings, which would be ideal for access by the public, press, and business people - City of Detroit staff and DDOT management have been holding Public Hearings on February 24 and April 5, 2012 at Wayne County Community College Detroit, 5901 Connor St and the Northwest Activity Center, 18100 Meyers. These locations are served directly by a single bus route.
The efforts of squelching public outcry need to be revealed - very clearly as methodically silencing the public. Something which Occupy movements around the world are championing by promoting citizen reporting. 
Be aware - attend actions - make informed choices.


A National Call To Action for Public Transportation and in Memorial to Martin Luther King Jr has been announced throughout Occupy movements around the US and supported by Amalgamated Transit United International. Our local unions have pledged support as well. Occupy Detroit is leading the effort to hold a candlelight vigil at Rosa Parks Transit Center from 8-11pm TONIGHT - April 4, the 44th anniversary of Dr King’s assassination.
Please come to the Transit Center at Michigan Ave & Cass, pickup a transfer ticket and wait with those attending. There will be time for announcements, public speaking, information to be exchanged, and discussion about next steps. Bring some candlesticks and a paper cup to hold the wax.
Please share and we look forward to seeing you, and hearing from you.

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