Thursday, January 16, 2014

Public Evicted from Detroit Transit Center

The public was evicted from Rosa Parks Transit Center Wednesday January 15 near noon. The temperature was about 20, with gusting wind. The reason was to fix ticket dispensers that had money in them.

Wouldn't this maintenance activity be better performmed at another time of day rather than a peak hour of usage and with poor weather conditions?

A new DDOT Director was installed Wednesday.... does he understand human needs? This is not just maintenance of a system... this is a social service that people depend on for their safety, well-being, employment, and quality of life. Mobility is a human need that must be addressed humanely. 

The Mayor's office has been requested to take action in a few areas:

  • Bus schedules need uploaded to Google for mapping. Plus sending info to Bing maps, Mapquest, and other mapping services needing mass transit information. Can the information be made easy to access in a uniform industry accepted format?
  • Text-My-Bus (phone 50646) is still not working eight days after requests to have it fixed.
  • Bus shelters need to be INSTALLED *NOT* REMOVED. Those that were in the city have been disappearing over the past year to the point only a handful remain in very specific locations (i.e. WSU/DIA, City-County Bldg).

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