Saturday, September 15, 2012

Transportation Advisory Commission

Applications are being accepted by the Mayor's Appointee Division from residents interested in serving their district's transit needs.

At this time it is known that...
  • The contact person is Eunice Hayes in the Executive Department of the Mayor
  • You will have two weeks to return the application with the following included:
    • Resume
    • Copy of photo ID
    • Two letters of recommendation
Districts of the city are shown in the map below.

City of Detroit Boards & Commissions

Individuals interested in seeking an appointment to a City of Detroit Board or Commission shall comply with the Appointment Process. Boards and Commissions may be created a number of ways, such as by federal, state, or local laws, by action of Council, or by the Mayor. The applicant should consult the enabling document that created the Board or Commission in which the applicant is interested, to obtain the terms and conditions for the appointment. Please review the following information regarding the application process and meeting procedure for Boards and Commissions.


An application is required to be submitted prior to appointment to a board or commission. The form may be obtained from the Office of the Mayor. Attach copies of your resume and/or letters of recommendation, and your Drivers License and Voters Registration Card. Please complete the form in its entirety as incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Background Review / Verification

Information submitted on the application may be subject to verification by staff as determined by the Mayor and/or at the request of the appointing authority.

Residency Requirement

City residency may be required to serve on a particular Board or Commission.

Submission of Application

Completed and signed application packets are to be submitted to the Appointments Division.

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