Monday, July 9, 2012

Support Nate Shinagawa (D-NY)

Perhaps it is odd to find a post in a Detroit transit blog about a candidate running for State Representative in New York. An explanation is needed...

DDOT's current Chief Operating Officer, Bill Nojay is not a resident in the Detroit area, nor Michigan. He resides in Avon, New York and is a political radio show host at WYSL 1400AM. His show is a demonstration of his conservative teaparty Republican outlook. It is also a platform from which he is engaged in a campaign for State Representative in New York's 133rd District.


Lets ask Mr Nojay about those days absent from his contracted position with DDOT offering a salary over $200,000, plus bonuses that will amount to the same amount or more.

A Bigoted Attack By Nojay

The news that you might also find interesting is Mr Nojay's confusion during a racist attack on Nate Shinagawa, a Japanese American whom has been active in New York legislature since he was 21 years old.

Support The Opposition

Get to know Nate Shinagawa (D-NY 23rd District) on the Down With Tyranny blog through his guest post. You'll get to know that his family settled in California and his grandfather went from being placed in an internment camp during World War II to serving in the Marines and Air Force afterward. His family are the kind of citizens this country needs. Nate begins his introduction saying he is a 6 year member of People For the American Way's Young Elected Officials program, so he's a YEO.

Bill Nojay's run for NY State Assembly 133rd District is against:

  • Randy Weaver (D, Steuben County), from Hornell, NY
  • Richard Burke (R, Livingston County), former Mayor of Avon, NY
The Republican primary will be September 13, 2012. 
Lets say NO to NOJAY

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